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61050 Kllokot, Viti, Republik of Kosovo

CPMR “Nëna Naile”is located in the fifteenth kilometer of the Ferizaj-Gjilan road, respectively 55 km away from the capital city of Kosovo – Pristina.

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Please take into consideration that we do not make reservations, accommodations, and do not give medical advices through the web site or email. All patients and clients are instructed that when deciding to start the physical therapies in the CPMR”Nëna Naile” in Kllokot, to take all the medical documents with him/her in order to define the correct diagnoses and to determine the appropriate physical therapy during the examination from our specialists of Physiatry. The information on the web have been made in consultation with our professional medical staff in the CPMR ”Nëna Naile” and management to give you general information for an easy orientation; for example, in terms of rooms, conditions, and illnesses that can be rehabilitated in our center. We believe that the information will help you and us for a better service. For medical advices or other medical assistance, visit us at our center every day from 8:00 to 15:00. Please take along all of the medical documentation in any case. For reservations, length of stay, price, and other information you can dial the phone numbers below:

Tel: +381 (0) 280 385 555 
Mob: +377 (0) 45 385 555 
Tel & Fax: +381 (0) 280 385 101 
Mob: +377 (0) 44 666 006