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Thermal Water

The Special Hospital with Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Nëna Naile Spa in Kllokot is rich in inexhaustible thermal mineral waters. The research done by the National Institute of Public Health of Kosova and the Laboratory Institute Dr. Scheller from Germany show that the thermal mineral water of the Spa in Kllokot, with a temperature of up to 38° contains all the necessary elements that make it suitable for the rehabilitation of a significant number of ailments. For therapeutic purposes, the thermal mineral water of the Nëna Naile Spa is used
both for drinking and bathing. Bathing with thermal mineral water of the Nëna Naile Spa in Kllokot is done in two forms: local and general. We offer individual and group baths in our specially designed pools.

Water temperatures range from warm to hot. Short baths with cold and fresh mineral water are preferred in some nervous system and mental health conditions for
strengthening the tone of the nervous system. In general, for the treatment of most indicated conditions, bathing in warm water with a water temperature of 32-38 °C is most often applied.

Climate, thermal mineral water, organic food, physiotherapies, getting away from daily mental and physical strain, along with the comfort and quality service for 24 hours and 365 days of the year that the professional medical staff at SHPTR Nëna Naile Spa offer today to patients/clients, constitute a combination of factors to achieve the best possible result.

Research shows that the professional application of therapies in the Spa increases body’s resistance to diseases.

These are predominantly current modern health conditions affecting especially the urban population due to the lifestyle, which diseases can be prevented bybalneotherapeutic application.

Timely application of balneotherapy to treat rheumatic and heart diseases can help in preventing consequences leading to early partial and complete disability of people.

Balneotherapy has a great socio-medical importance in the prevention of early aging,
especially today when the structure of the population has changed and the number of
elderly people is constantly increasing.

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