The Spa “Nëna Naile” is the largest spa in the region and the best place for healing, rehabilitation and relaxation. We are always in service of our patients and clients.

Traditional Thermal Water

The Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Nëna Naile”, is rich in thermo-mineral water containing all the necessary elements for the rehabilitation of a considerable number of diseases.

Prophylactic Therapies

In the recent researches, the importance and role of Spas in disease prevention is increasingly emphasized, this of course includes our Spa “Nëna Naile” in Kllokot too.

Physical Therapies

Besides the natural therapies with thermo-mineral water and peloid, the CPMR “Nëna Naile” also offers the most sophisticated healing and rehabilitation therapies…



Within the complex of the CPMR “Nëna Naile”, except the recognized physical therapies we also offer you Massage from a qualified staff.

Sauna Tourmaline

Within the complex of the CPMR “Nëna Naile”, besides the recognized physical therapies, we also offer Tourmaline Sauna which has many benefits.


The use of the advanced equipment of Frequency Spectrum is an excellent way to cure neck pain, shoulder pain, waist and foot pain also muscle strain injuries…

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