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Parafango Therapy

Parafango Therapy, which is a thermotherapy procedure, is used to transmit the specific warmth of mud, i.e., a mixture of diluted peloid or medicinal mud with many minerals to the patient’s body. The temperature of the parafango mud is usually 50 °C. The heat is first absorbed by the skin which leads to an increase in skin perfusion and later it is transmitted to the deeper structures of the body where it has anti-inflammatory effects. These packages are recommended for the treatment of diseases of the locomotive system.

Parafango therapy, due to the minerals found in the medical mud, not only has a cosmetic effect on the skin, but also a therapeutic one.
Deep-impact heating, acting on the skin, causes muscle relaxation, promotes blood circulation, and relieves pain. It treats rheumatic, muscle pain, but can also be used as a preparation for physiotherapeutic exercises to treat fractures, reduce pain in arthritis and treat
inflammation and muscle tension.


  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • As valvular heart disease,
  • Myocarditis,
  • Coronary heart disease

Moreover, it is not preferred for open wounds or inflammatory skin diseases.

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